Disney’s new live-action Cinderella opens today and bringing Prince Charming to life is none other than the gorgeously charming Richard Madden (who Game of Thrones fans might know better as Robb Stark). It was an easy casting decision, surely; in real life, Richard has charm to spare. When I interviewed him at the Los Angeles press junket for Cinderella, I’m pretty sure that, had I tripped, I would have fallen into the depths of his too-blue-to-be-real eyes and drowned. But I mean, what a way to go, right?

I chatted (he’s the kind of guy who is actually so nice that “chatted” is an appropriate verb to describe the interview) with Richard about all things Cinderella. Disney princesses might get a bad rep for being underdeveloped eye-candy, but Richard was tasked with bringing to life a guy who doesn’t even get an actual name. He’s just Prince First-Adjective-That-Comes-To-Mind. In the new movie, he finally gets a name — Kit.

“I went back and watched the cartoon and he’s barely in it,” Richard explained about his creative process in bringing the leading man to life. “He’s in like three scenes and you know nothing about him. He doesn’t even have a name. So Kenneth (Branagh, the film’s director) and I talked a lot about him to figure out who he was. We talked about, ‘Okay, what has he been doing for the five years before he meets Cinderella?’ And Ella, in this movie, she’s a daughter before she’s anything. And Kit is a son before he’s a prince to Cinderella, so that worked well together.”

I asked him other very important, Cinderella-related questions, like what choreography was harder to learn: The swordplay or dancing (Answer: “The dancing, definitely. The sword fighting, I can do and I love horseback riding, but the dancing took a while to learn.”). And, of course, there was this obligatory exchange:

HG: Who do you think is more charming you or Kit?

RM: Oh, definitely Kit. He’s the prince. He’s the charming one.

HG: We asked Lily the same thing. What do you think she said?

RM: Well, I hope she said me.

HG: She actually said both; it was a tie.

RM: Oh good! I’ll take that!

But when that was all out of the way, I asked the questions the world really wants to know: I asked Richard to partake in a little round of what we at HelloGiggles like to call Catching Feelings. If you don’t know, Catching Feelings, is a series in which we ask our favorite male celebrities to get all kinds of sensitive with us and open up about what makes their hearts do backflips, of both the good and bad variety. Richard was an amazingly good sport and you need to read all about his emotions right this second.

HG: What do you consider a romantic gesture?

RM: Something personal and specific. Something that shows you really thought about the person and what they would like. Flowers are nice, but it should be something more personal than just that.

HG: What makes you earnestly happy?

RM: Seeing my niece earnestly happy.

HG: What makes you irrationally angry?

RM: People who aren’t punctual.

HG: What gets you misty-eyed: Is the a movie, song or video that just gets you in the heart?

RM: Still Alice really got me.

HG: Can you describe what it feels like to fall in love?

RM: I don’t think I can because it’s invisible, isn’t it? You don’t realize it’s happening until you’re in it.

HG: What makes your super anxious?

RM: Oh, just life. Just day-to-day life.

It’s worth noting that, by the end of the Catching Feelings portion of the interview, Richard told me that he felt like he should be lying on a couch and paying me, because Catching Feelings is like a mini-therapy session. That’s probably the best response anyone could ever have to Catching Feelings.

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