EXCLUSIVE: Richard Madden is a young man with a lot to shout about.

Soon to star in 999 comedy Sirens, the 24-year-old actor is already a fans’ favourite in HBO’s epic medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

His CV already features the National Theatre of Scotland and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He has received critical praise and picked up plaudits including men’s style magazine Esquire, marking him out as Scotland’s next big thing.

Richard, however, would rather get on with his job with the minimum of fuss.

The boy from Elderslie, Renfrewshire, has been through it all before as a teenager, starring with Toyah Wilcox in successful BBC Scotland kids show Barmy Aunt Boomerang.

He had only started acting to help him overcome shyness and the attention he received at the time almost put him off performing for good.

He said: “I missed a lot of school and at 12 or 13 years old you’ve got to be an adult because you have all the responsibility of all the other adult actors because you are the lead actor.

“Then you go back to high school and try to live a normal life. It’s difficult because while nobody in the wider scheme of things knows you, when you are a kid of that age and appearing in a show for kids of that age, you’ve got that fame thing happening.

“Everyone gets a hard time at school for one reason or another and I got a hard time because I was the kid on TV. That was probably the main reason I stopped acting for a while. I couldn’t really cope with how difficult it made your life.

“It changes you. You become arrogant and then isolated because a lot of people don’t know to interact with you properly because you’re a child but you’re an adult, you’re an actor but you’re a schoolboy.

“So I was in weird place for a while but it helped me grow up and taught me about how things work off and on screen.

“I had a couple of years of down-time where I was just at home trying to get back to real life a bit. When I had to decide what I wanted to do, I felt I needed to do this.”

Since graduating from the RSAMD in 2007, he has enjoyed a successful career but stayed under the public radar despite appearing in shows such as Hope Springs, the BBC1 drama about a group of female ex-cons hiding out in a remote Scottish village.

It seems certain to change with Channel 4’s Sirens.

The new series sees Richard star with British Comedy Award winner Kayvan Novak of Fonejacker fame and Star Stories’ Rhys Thomas as a team of world-weary paramedics forced to deal with humanity at its stupidest.

The six-part comedy drama, which features another rising Scots star, Morvern Christie, was inspired by emergency medical technician paramedic Tom Reynolds’ blog Random Acts Of Reality and the book spin-off, Blood, Sweat and Tea. American actor and comedian Denis Leary has already bought the rights to make a US version.

Richard spent a night with the ambulance service observing a crew during a shift and had an experience he is unable to forget.

He said: “We arrived at a call for an alcoholic woman in her 30s who was dead in her flat.

“I had seen a dead body before – my gran – but this was the first dead person I’d seen whom I was detached from and it was an odd situation.

“It was also weird watching how the police and ambulancemen acted around this body because they see it every day.

“There might be someone hysterical at the scene but you can have a conversation with a colleague about what you had for dinner standing by a dead body.

“It is surreal but hopefully we’ve captured that element in Sirens. There is a level of shutting down because you have to get on with the job and keep your head clear.

“I realised that for the people the EMTs are arriving to help, it is a huge deal but for for them it’s another job and then they are on to the next call out.

“These things filter into your brain though – I see that dead woman’s face sometimes.”

It is Richard’s first foray into comedy and he has had to find his sense of humour. His character, Ashley, is gay and the dinner a show’s no-holds-barred approach saw him shedding his inhibitions.

In episode one, he has to jump out of a cupboard, naked. He said: “You’ve got to dive into it head first.

“You just focus on the fact it’s not you, it’s the character and try not to think too hard about being naked in front of 50 or 60 people in a room and walking about the set naked.

You have to get over it and get on with it. But you find yourself asking yourself, what have I just done?”

He was asking himself the same question filming Game Of Thrones, when he found himself in a Belfast hotel room at 5am, practising his swordsmanship with a broom handle.

Richard plays heroic Robb Stark, the King In The North, in the big-budget production which also stars Iain Glen and Lena Headey. Filming on the second series has just started.

It takes up six months of the year and Richard has learned to ride a horse and fight with a sword for the role, something he has attacked, quite literally, breaking seven swords during filming.

He laughed: “I really got into it. I like to use the real thing because rubber swords move differently.

“We have our own armourer who makes them.

By the seventh sword, he was saying, ‘Right let’s slow it down, we’re running out of swords.’

“It’s a little boy’s dream, riding about on horses, playing at war, having sword fights, running about the woods – and you get to work with outstanding actors and have so much material to work on with the scripts and books.”

Based in London for five years, Richard is usually on the move filming but he is keen to return to Scotland to see his family, mum and dad Pat and Richard and sisters Cara, 27 and Lauren, 22.

Right now, he can do so without anyone noticing – but if the critics and style gurus are right, not for long.

He said: “I just think of myself as an upstart who is trying to get better at what I do.

“That’s my focus so when you get as bit of recognition and people say you are good at something or you are going to be this, or that, I try and ignore it. I just hold it all at arm’s length because if I believe all the good stuff, I have to believe all the bad.

“I try to stay detached from it but it’s nice encouragement, particularly in Scotland where people have been very supportive of me.”

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